February 4, 2017

2940 JAPAN (Kantō) - Mitsutouge Mountain

The group of Kaiun Mountain (1785m), Osutaka Mountain (1775m), and Kenashi Mountain (1732m) is called Mitsutouge Mountain as a whole. It is known for large-flowered Cypripedium's spontaneous growth, and it is the wild plant's treasure house. Many photo enthusiasts come here every year, to see Mount Fuji which shows various faces according to the time and season. Byobu-rock ledge is the popular rock-climbing spot attracts many climbers from all over the country.

About the stamp
The stamp is one of the four of the series International Letter Writing Week, designed by Tamaki Akira and issued on October 9, 2015.

Mitsutouge Mountain - Yamanashi official travel guid
Great Japanese mountains other than Mt. Fuji! - Tadaima Japan official website

Sender: Mami / iyomikan (postcrossing) JP-925322
Sent from Osaka (Kansai / Japan), on 27.01.2017
Photo: Ryota Nakamura

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