Basically I’m ready to swap postcards with anyone in the world, but especially with collectors from the countries that I don’t have in my collection. I offer the following:

03 ROMANIAN POSTCARDS for special swap
04 ROMANIAN POSTCARDS (1950-1989, uncirculated)
05 ROMANIAN MAXICARDS (1970-1980) for special swap
07 SOVIET UNION postcards (1970-1980)
08 OTHER COUNTRIES OLD POSTCARDS (1900-1940) for special swap 
Romanian coins and banknotes in circulation for swap with postcards (only the small ones, because 100 RON = 23 EUR = 31.5 USD)
10 FRIDGE MAGNETS for swap with postcards

Behold how looks for me a PERFECT POSTCARD, which I enjoy when I receive (those who want to swap with me are asked to read and comply those from below):

doesn't come in envelope
was sent from the place it illustrates or at least from the country concerned (I don't see why I would receive a postcard from Bulgaria with pictures of Antarctica)
isnt multiview
is "official", ie was printed in a printing house, isn't handmade, isn't listed on your own printer
● it has as many stamps as possible, carefully glued, alongside one another, not one over the other
● it has a clear postmark (indeed, that doesn't depend on the sender, but in some places may make such request at the post office clerk)
● is specified place and date of dispatch (the postmark isn't always clear)
● the text and the address (if is possible) are handwritten
● on the back are written a few sentences about the picture, about the sender or about what he wants to write, without clichés or standard phrases (I must mention that I post on my blog also the back of the postcards, but if the text seems to me too personally or the sender simply doesn't want to appear what he wrote on the blog, will not appear)
● are written a few words in native language (and alphabet) of the sender   

The themes that I like them are extensive, but I DON'T WANT TO RECEIVE:
● funny pictures
● pets
● flowers, animals (if it isn’t a postcard with an national parc)
● ads postcards
● cartoons

● UNESCO WHS (including tentative)
● people of the world and their lives
● special buildings (old or new)
● churches, synagogues, mosques, etc.
● lighthouses, towers, bridges, railway stations, post offices, mills (water or wind)
● palaces, castles, fortress etc
● rural images with specific buildings or specific activities
● volcanoes
● trains and trams
● images related to the oil industry and mines
● royalty
● maps, flags
● maxicards (maximum cards) from your country with the same subject above

● the Market Garden Corridor (from Eindhoven to Arnhem) ie:
  • Eindhoven (the 4 bridges over the Upper Dommel River)
  • Son en Breugel (the bridge over the Wilhelmina Canal)
  • Sint Oedenrode (the bridge over the Dommel River and Monument for the Dutch)
  • Best (the bridge over the Wilhelmina Canal)
  • The Groesbeek Heights
  • Uden
  • Veghel (the 4 bridges over the Zuid-Willems Canal)
  • Grave (the 2 bridges over the Maas-Waal River)
  • Groesbeek (The National Liberation museum, Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery)
  • Oosterbeek (the rail bridge over the Nederrijn, The Airborne Museum, Airborne Cemetery)
  • Arnhem (the 2 bridges over the Nederrijn)
postcards related to my favorite writers: Gabriel García Márquez, Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Kurt Vonnegut, William Gibson, Mario Vargas Llosa, Ernesto Sábato, Jorge Luis Borges, Umberto Eco, Manuel Scorza, Julio Cortázar, Saul Bellow, J.D. Salinger, John Steinbeck, Milan Kundera, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Philip K. Dick, Salman Rushdie, Orhan Pamuk, and many, many others (ask me punctually, if it's necessary). I mean the places where they were born (maybe even the house, if it's possible), where they lived, favourite pubs, things like that.
● postcards from the people born in the same day as me, August 8. I have a topic with this, Received from those born on August 8

You can contact me at my Facebook page (here), at my postcrossing page (here), or at danut.ivanescu64(at)yahoo.com

If you want to send me a postcard, I would prefer to contact me first. 

My address is:
I moved from my old home.