April 2, 2016

0019, 0071, 0759, 0867, 2364, 2430 SINGAPORE - The Downtown Core

2364 The Downtown Core of Singapore - Marina Bay
seen from the South, with Marina Bay Sands on the right

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The Downtown Core of Singapore, which surrounds the mouth of the Singapore River and southeastern portion of its watershed, is part of the Central Area, city's central business district. The mouth of the Singapore River contained the old harbour, so the city grew around it, and this area was the core of the colony. The Merlion statue (8.6m hight and 70t weight), made by Lim Nang Seng in 1972, was placed in Merlion Park, where it’s now, barely in 2002. Designed by Fraser Brunner in 1964 for the logo of the Singapore Tourism Board, this symbol of Singapore is a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish. The body of the statue is made of cement, skin from porcelain plates and eyes from red teacups.

0019 The Downtown Core of Singapore - Merlion, Fullerton Hotel,
and skyscrapers in the business centre

The highest six buildings that are visible in the back in the postcard 0019 are, from left to right: Hitachi Tower (179m - completed in 1992), Republic Plaza (280m - completed in 1995), Singapore Land Tower (190m - completed in 1980), One Raffles Place (280m - completed in 1986), Maybank Tower (175m - completed in 2001), and United Overseas Bank Plaza / UOB Plaza (280m - completed in 1995). Republic Plaza, One Raffles Place and UOB Plaza are the highest skyscrapers from Singapore (to equality), and they will remain so, because there is a height restriction of 280m for structures in the central business district, because of the proximity of Paya Lebar Airbase.

0071 The Downtown Core of Singapore - Fullerton Hotel
and Cavenagh Bridge

Named after Robert Fullerton, the first Governor of the Straits Settlements (1826–1829), the Fullerton Hotel, whose the northern end covers the site of Fort Fullerton was commissioned in 1919 as part of the Crown colony's centennial celebrations. The building was designed as an office building by Major P.H. Keys, and was opened in 1928. Initially, General Post Office covered the two lower floors (until 1996), and the exclusive Singapore Club rented premises on the upper floors (until 1961). In the WWII the building was the one in which General Percival discussed with Sir Shenton the possibility of surrendering Singapore, and subsequently became the headquarters of the Japanese Military Administration. In 1997, Sino Land (Hong Kong) Company Ltd acquired the Fullerton Building and converted it into a hotel, officially opened in 2001.

0759 The Downtown Core of Singapore - The north shore of Marina Bay,
with Esplanade-Theatres  on the Bay, marina Centre and Singapore Flyer

Cavenagh Bridge is the only suspension bridge in Singapore, opened in 1870 to commemorate Singapore's new Crown colony of the Straits Settlements status in 1867. Originally known as the Edinburgh Bridge, is currently a pedestrian bridge, with lighting added in the 1990s to accentuate its architectural features at nightfall. On the north shore of Marina Bay, in which flows Singapore River, is Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, built to be the centre for performing arts for Singapore and completed in 2002. The unique architectural design has been said to have an appearance similar to either a durian or the eyes of a fly. Hence, the building is colloquially known to locals as "the durians".

0867 The Downtown Core of Singapore - One of the 28 capsules of
Singapore Flyer

Between the Esplanade and the Singapore Flyer is spanning Marina Centre, a zone of reclaimed land which contains Suntec City, Marina Square, Millenia Walk, and Millenia Tower (218m - completed in 1996), with the roof in the form of a truncated cone. Singapore Flyer, opened in 2008, was the tallest Ferris wheel in the world (165 m) until 2014. Initially rotating in a counter-clockwise direction, its direction was changed under the advice of Feng shui masters. A complete rotation of the wheel, takes approximately 37 minutes, to give customers time to admire the city panorama. In fact The Flyer is an entire complex, with a wide range of shops, restaurants, activities and facilities.

2430 The Downtown Core of Singapore - Marina Bay Sands

Opened in 2010, Marina Bay Sands is billed as the world's most expensive standalone casino property. The resort was designed by Moshe Safdie, who says it was initially inspired by card decks. In addition to the casino, other key components of the plan are three hotel towers with 2,500 rooms and suites, an ArtScience Museum and a convention centre. The complex is topped by a 340m-long SkyPark and a 150m infinity swimming pool, set on top of the world's largest public cantilevered platform, which overhangs the north tower by 67m.

About the stamps
On the postcards 0019, 0759, 0867

The stamp belongs to the new low value definitive stamp series release by SingPost on April 13, 2011. This series complete the Pond Life definitive collection, which contain the following ten stamps:
Water Lily (first local stamp)
Water Hyacinth (the second local stamp)
Diving Beetle (0.20 SGD) - It's on the postcard 0618
Black Marsh Terrapin (0.50 SGD) - It's on the postcard 0019
White-Breasted Waterhen (0.55 SGD)
Common Greenback (0.65 SGD)
Common Toad (0.80 SGD)

On the postcard 0071
The stamp is part of a series issued on September 6, 2012, for celebrating the arrival of Kai Kai and Jia Jia, the two giant pandas on loan to Singapore by the People’s Republic of China, as a result of an agreement inked in 2010, when both countries commemorated the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations. The series contain three stamps designed by Edmund Chen Zhi Cai (0.50 SGD - it's on the postcard, 0.65 SGD, and 2.00 SGD), which depict the various poses of Kai Kai and Jia Jia.

On the postcard 2364
The first stamp, depicting a trolley bus, is part of the series Transport, issued on March 19, 1997. The second stamp, depicting a Yellow Flame tree, is part of the series 10 Trees, issued on May 26, 2010.

On the postcard 2430
The stamp is part of the series National Gallery Singapore, issued on November 24, 2015, and consisting of four stamps (all withe same face value, 1.30 SGD). Each stamp features a painting from one of the most renowned artists from Singapore and Southeast Asia:
Drying Salted Fish by Cheong Soo Pieng - It's on the postcard 2430
Pagodas II, Pago-Pago Series by Latiff Mohidin
National Language Class by Chua Mia Tee
Wounded Lion by Raden Saleh

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