April 27, 2012

0187 RUSSIA (Novosibirsk Oblast) - Puppet Theatre

If I visit Novosibirsk, I wouldn't rush to see neither the colossal sculpture of Lenin or State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, nor the Church of Saint Nicholas or Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, although certainly every of them worth seeing. First and foremost I would like to get on Prospekt Lenina 22, where is the Regional Puppet Theatre, the building from the postcard.

Founded on the 1st of September 1933 as a studio of puppeteers of the Novosibirsk Theatre of Young Spectator, it hosted the first season of theatrical performance in the spring of 1934. More accurate the first performance took place on May 1, 1934, so over very few days will be fulfilled 78 years since than. During the period from 1942 to 1945, the theatre housed the Moscow Puppet Theatre, evacuated to Novosibirsk.

Today the theatre is situated in the annex to the building of the former city college, an historical building, one of the earliest works of A. Kryatchkov, which preserved in nowadays its original aspect. The annex was built in 1999 to the eastern façade, which has the form of three tilting dolls, with reference to national toy, skomorokh performances, Russian balagan and fairytale. A. Mihailov has projected the theatre and I. Elchenko made pictures of the stained glasses. The theatre has a puppet show, cafe, fairytales’ room and playing room.

The first two stamps are the moose and the rabbit in the series about animals, of which I also received the fox (details here). The last one is a thematic stamp for the New Year 2011, issued on December 1.

sender: Uliana Zolotaryova (direct swap)
sent from Novosibirsk (Russia), on 18.04.2012
photo: A. Kemodyanov

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