February 24, 2014

1013 CROATIA (Zagreb) - Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb

As the largest city of Croatia, Zagreb occupy, of course, leading economic position in the country, making it a global and cosmopolitan metropolis. This thing, but mostly its status as the capital, its history and its cultural tradition, are all reasons to consider it not only an important centre of Croatian culture, but also of Europe and the world. In addition to museums, galleries, schools and places of worship, there are about 20 permanent or seasonal theaters and stages in Zagreb, the most important being the Croatian National Theater, built in 1895 and opened by emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria.

The building itself, a neo-baroque architectural masterpiece, was the project of famed Viennese architects Ferdinand Fellner and Herman Helmer, whose firm had built several theatres in Vienna. The interior hides many smaller pieces of art. In accord with the baroque obsession to detail, even the handrails of the stairs are decorated with miniature swans with spread wings. The auditorium, featuring colorful, decorated lodges and numerous seats on the ground level, it provides a perfect view of the stage. The ceiling was painted by Vienna’s renowned painter Alexander Demetrius Goltz. The stage has seven beautifully crafted curtains, which are installed depending on the circumstances and occasion. At the entrance of the theatre is located the famed Well of Life, designed by Croatian artist and sculptor Ivan Meštrović in 1905. It resembles the mythical source of youth and passion. Several human figures surround the water, each with their own reason to form the circle around the well.

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