May 20, 2014

1083 FINLAND (Northern Ostrobothnia) - Wooden Church in Vihanti

Located in the centre of Finland, Vihanti is a little town, which has only 3000 inhabitants, even after the assimilation of the neighbor city of Raahe in 2013. The wooden church in the postcard was built during the reign of Gustav III of Sweden, and was named after the wife of the king, Sophia Magdalena. Its building was decided in 1871, after an inspection which found that the old church, built in 1691, couldn't be extended. The plans was made by Simon Silvén, and the church was completed in June 1784. The bell tower of the old church has been preserved and it is one built in 1752. The interior was decorated by Emanuel Granberg and Erik Westzynthius, and the altarpiece was painted directly to the log wall. 

About the stamps
The stamp is part of a series of five 1st class stamps named Congratulations!, designed by Kaarina Toivanen, and issued on March 3, 2014.

Vihannin kirkko - Wikipedia

sender: Paulina / paenq (postcrossing)
sent from Helsinki (Uusimaa / Finland), on 27.04.2014
photo: Kalervo Ojutkangas

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