March 22, 2015

1494 - ISLE OF MAN - Niarbyl

Niarbyl, which means "the tail" in Manx for the way it extends into the Irish Sea, is a settlement along the southwest coast of Isle of Man (a self-governing British Crown dependency located in the Irish Sea between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland) between Port Erin and Peel. It borders the Irish Sea and is best known for its spectacular sea views which include Calf of Man and, on clear days, include the mountains of  Ireland. Niarbyl Bay and its surrounds are considered an asset of the Manx National Heritage which oversees the area's preservation as well as the Niarbyl Cafe & Visitor Centre. The Niarbyl Fault, a geologic fault marking what remains of the now-extinct Iapetus Ocean, is located just down the hill from the cafe.

About the stamps

The stamp is part of a series issued on April 4, 2014, which pays tribute to Archibald Knox, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the great artist's birth. This set of ten commemorative stamps (all with the same face values, 42p) captures the vibrancy of the designer’s intricate interlace and calligraphy which characterised his work. The images used here originate from Knox’s celebrated manuscript The Deer’s Cry, which is based on an early Irish prayer. A masterpiece of lettering in water-colour, Knox started on this unique piece of artwork whilst working at the Knockaloe Internment Camp during WWI, and is widely acknowledged as his greatest achievement.

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Niarbyl, Isle of Man - Wikipedia

Sender: James Paraisil
Sent from ??? (Isle of Man), on 11.10.2014


  1. The calligraphic designs on those stamps are amazing - I'll have to go and look for the other designs on line.

  2. I love his designs - but didn't know he was from IoM!

  3. I can see the Isle of Man across the water from where I live on a clear day and despite collecting their stamps I've never visited. Maybe because I would have to travel 100 miles south to catch a ferry or plane.

  4. I have never been to the Isle of Man - great card and a fine tribute to Archibald Knox.