March 29, 2015

1505 UNITED STATES (Alaska) - Arctic Mariner returning to Dutch Harbor

The Bering Sea, located between Alaska, Bering Strait, Russia's Far East, Kamchatka Peninsula, Alaska Peninsula and the Aleutian Islands, is world renowned for its enormously productive and profitable fisheries. On the U.S. side, commercial fisheries catch approximately $1 billion worth of seafood annually. A top fishing port is Dutch Harbor, located on Amaknak Island in Unalaska. For 22 consecutive years, it is the number one fishing port in United States for seafood landings, and its docks are busy much of the year, landing more than 515 million pounds of fish and shellfish in 2010. Arctic Mariner is a fishing vessel by 390 tons, built in 1980 on Nichols Bros Boat Builders from Freeland (Washington). Its home port is Seattle.

About the stamps
The stamps are part of the Forever series New England Coastal Lighthouses, about which I wrote here

Dutch Harbor - Wikipedia
A Message From Mayor Shirley Marquardt - Unalaska, port of Dutch Harbor

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