January 12, 2012

0097 CHINA (Shanghai) - A tram at the end of the road

It seems to me logical that the largest city proper in the world (over 23 million inhabitants in 2010), with probably one of the highest growth rates (in the last three decades the population has doubled), to have a befitting public transport system, largely based on buses, trolley buses, taxis, and a rapidly expanding metro system, inaugurated only in 1995 but which has already 12 lines, with 434km and 277 stations, and it set a daily ridership record of 7.548 million on October 22, 2010. Are figures that the mind of someone like me can hardly embrace.

If you noticed, among the public transport systems mentioned I haven't included the trams, because they were removed în 1973, that service returning to the city only in 2010 as Zhangjiang Tram (a rubber-tired tram system). In the early 20th century Shanghai was served by 3 tram companies: a British one (opened in 1908 – 216 trams), a French one (opened in 1908 – 60 trams), and a Chinese one (opened in 1913 – 52 trams). The system had been originally one of the most modern in Asia, but was upgraded very little later, and basically the '30s trams were still running in the 1970s. Because they were noisy and disturbed the traffic they have been removed, as I said, in 1973, so photo probably dates from then, from the beginning of the 70s, but the model of the wagon is from the '30s. Had it not been torn, the posters would have helped us to date the photo more exactly.

About the stamps
I must thank Zhoubingchennot not only for the historical picture, but also for the wonderful stamps. Unfortunately about the first on the left, showing the clown triggerfish, I couldn't find anything. With the second the things were simpler. The set, issued on December 20, 2007, is called The Games of The XXIX Olympiad - Competition Venues and contains the following:
● The China Agricultural University Gymnasium (0.80 CNY)
● The Laoshan Velodrome (1.20 CNY) – it’s on the postcard
● The National Indoor Stadium (1.20 CNY)
● Peking University Gymnasium (1.20 CNY)
● National Aquatics Center (1.20 CNY)
● Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center (3 CNY)
● The National Stadium (6 CNY)

Sender: Zhoubingchen (postcrossing)
Sent from Wuhan (Hubei Province / China), on 18.12.2011 

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