September 27, 2012

0343 SEYCHELLES - Cap Ternay


Because today is World Tourism Day, and many of us can't celebrate it properly, i.e. traveling, I thought that it could be welcomed a short visit, even virtual, to a location dreamed by many, but reached only by very few. I wrote here about Seychelles Islands, so now I will focus on Mahé, the largest island in the archipelago, measuring 28km long by 8km wide and hosting almost 90% of the inhabitants, reflecting country's diverse ethnicity and descent from African, Indian, Chinese and European populations.

Visited by the British in 1609, the island wasn't visited again until Lazare Picault's expedition of 1742. The French gave it the actual name (after Bertrand-François Mahé de La Bourdonnais, a French governor of Mauritius), and they were also the ones who started the colonization. Since 1814 it was British colony, until Seychelles gained independence in 1976.

Cap Ternay (in the image) is located on the north-west of the island. As is said on the official site of the Emirates Group, "crossing the mountains of Mahé, from the capital Victoria, Cap Ternay Resort & Spa is only 40 minutes drive from Seychelles’ International Airport. At an estimated cost of $253 million, this is Emirates Hotels & Resorts’ largest international investment to date, and will be the largest hotel in Seychelles, with a total of 421 individual rooms. The main resort area, featuring two beaches, will be set around landscaped gardens, swimming pools, and water features. It will be surrounded by the tropical forests and streams of the Morne Seychelloise National Park, and the spectacular rock formations of Cap Matoopa."

About the stamp I wrote here.

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sent from Victoria (Seychelles), on 02.08.2012
photo: Michael Fayon

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