December 16, 2012

0419 BRAZIL - Good Life

"Some years ago I fell in love with the art of photography", confesses the Brazilian Amarildo Correa in a self-presentation. "With photography I have the opportunity to travel, register emotions and feelings, meet people, places and cultures. These factors have let me see far beyond my day to day. When I look through my viewfinder I try to go beyond the simple recording of an image -  I must feel, capturing the essence of people and places. More important than the technique and camera that is used, I shoot with my heart, this is what motivates me to be in love with photography. I hope that through my pictures you can enjoy and share with me the beauty of our world and people that have crossed my way in this endless journey that is life."

Residing in São Caetano do Sul, a city in São Paulo state in Brazil, located in the Greater São Paulo Metropolitan Area, Amarildo Correa has participated, since 2009, in some photographic competitions, at which he won several awards, and has exhibited his works in several group exhibitions in 2011 and 2012. The photography shown in the postcard that I had the joy to receive it even from him, is the first with which he won an award, the 5th place on Popular Vote category on the Cultural Photo Contest Por Toda Minha Vida (For All My Life). Initially, the work was named Vida Boa (Good Life), but in his portfolio its appears under the name Friends.

About the stamp
The three stamps at the bottom are part of the definitive series Profissões (Professions), about which I wrote here. The stamp depicting a trumpet is part of a series of ten, issued in 2002.

The last stamp was issued in 2011 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Theatro Municipal de São Paulo (Municipal Theatre of Sao Paulo), which is regarded as one of the landmarks of the city, significant both for its architectural value as well as for its historical importance.

sender: Amarildo Correa (direct swap)
sent from São Paulo (São Paulo / Brazil), on 04.01.2012
photo: Amarildo Correa

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