June 12, 2016

2606 UNITED STATES (New York) - NYPD Highway Patrol Patrolling Midtown Manhattan

The NYPD Highway Patrol is a specialized unit under the auspices of the NYPD's Transportation Bureau primarily responsible for patrolling and maintaining traffic safety on limited-access highways within New York City. Its other duties include accident investigations, advanced driver and radar training for NYPD officers, dignitary and parade escorts, hazardous material and truck traffic enforcement, anti-drag racing programs, and anti-terrorist checkpoints.

The Highway Patrol vehicle fleet is primarily made up of  Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors, Dodge Chargers equipped with Hemi engines, Ford Explorers, Ford Taurus AWD Interceptors, and Chevrolet Tahoes. In addition, it continues to use motorcycles, currently Harley-Davidsons, and these are most prominently used when escorting visiting national or foreign dignitaries to New York, or when opening many of the city's parades.

Aside from the Highway Patrol patch, the officers wear a uniform designed for both practical use and with traditional connections with motorcycle patrol duty in mind. The Highway Patrol members wear tapered motorcycle breeches with a uniform-width blue stripe, as well as a "crushed"-style version of the NYPD's eight-point cap or a two-toned motorcycle helmet. Motorcycle or riding boots are worn whether an officer is assigned to motorcycle duty or not.

NYPD Highway Patrol Motor Carrier Safety Unit officers wear regular black work boots or low quarters, cargo pants, jumpsuit, and nylon jacket. The Highway unit is also allowed to wear leather jackets. Additional unique uniform features are the unit's use of a Sam Browne belt, sidearm lanyards, and a specialized summons book pouch on their belt. The uniform and vehicle distinctions help give the Highway Patrol unit an elite look and prominent presence within the department.

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New York City Police Department Highway Patrol - Wikipedia

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