December 13, 2012

0414 BOLIVIA - Laguna Verde of Potosí

It seems that southwest Bolivia contains some wildest and spectacular landscapes, including the Laguna Verde (Green Lagoon), a salt lake located in the Potosí Department, near to the borders with Chile and Argentina, on the altiplano, at the foot of the volcano Licancabur (5,920m), a highly symmetrical and active stratovolcano which dominates the landscape of the Salar de Atacama area, situated at 55km south of San Pedro de Atacama (Chile).

Even if it is elevated at 4,300m above sea level, in an exposed position, in an almost incessantly blowing of an icy wind, and its water has a highly concentration of sediments, containing copper minerals (that give it this incredibly intense blue-green color), sometimes the visitors can see flamingoes dancing in the salt. A small corridor separates the lake from Laguna Blanca. Laguna Verde is part of the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve.

About the stamp
The stamp is part of a series about traditional gastronomy, issued on December 16, 2011, and comprising four values:
• Saice (Tarija) (1.00 BOB)
• Majao (Santa Cruz) (1.50 BOB)
• Silpancho (Cochabamba) (2.50 BOB)
• Plato paceno (La Paz) (9.00 BOB) - it's on the postcard

Laguna Verde (Bolivia) - Wikipedia
Stamps issued with BO029.11 - UPU official website

sender: Daltry Gárate (direct swap)
sent from La Paz (Bolivia), on 18.08.2012
photo: Willy Kenning

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