March 30, 2013

0581 ITALY (Veneto) - Burano - part of Venice and its Lagoon (UNESCO WHS)

Situated at the northern end of the Venetian Lagoon, near Torcello, Burano it isn't in fact an island, but an archipelago of four islands, linked by bridges. Although it was inhabited since Romans time, it rose in importance only in the 16th century, when women on the island began making lace with needles, which was soon exported across Europe. Trade began to decline in the 18th century and the industry didn't revive until 1872, when a school of lacemaking was opened.

Burato is also known for its small, brightly painted houses. It's said that they were painted in different colours so the sailors and fishermen could identify their houses as they came in from the sea. Anyway, the colours of the houses follow a system originating from the golden age of its development; if someone wishes to paint its home, must send a request to the government, who will respond by making notice of the certain colours permitted for that lot.

Another attraction is the Church of San Martino (in the background of the postcard), with a leaning campanile and a painting by Giambattista Tiepolo (Crufixion, 1727), the Oratorio di Santa Barbara and the Museum and School of Lacemaking. The island is linked to Mazzorbo by a bridge, and has about 2,800 inhabitants.

Burano is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Venice and its Lagoon, about which I wrote here

About the stamp
The stamp belongs to a series of definitive stamps, about which I wrote here.

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Sender: Paolo / geghege (postcrossing) IT-172138
Sent from Padua (Veneto / Italy), on 14.03.2012
Photo: Cameraphoto immagini 1994

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