March 29, 2013

0579 DENMARK (Sjælland) - Roskilde Cathedral (UNESCO WHS)

After uniting the Danes and Norwegians, around the year 960, King Harald Bluetooth moved his capital closer to the new kingdom's centre of power, to Roskilde, on the island of Zealand, where it remained until 1443. Around 1160 the bishop Absalon decided the building of a Romanesque cathedral on the site of the old one, on the top of a hill, with a great view over the fjords. Absalon's successor embraced the new French Gothic style, so he made significant changes to the plans. With the exception of the two towers on the west facade, finished in 1405, the cathedral was completed in 1280, several chapels being added afterwards. The city's importance is evident from the fact that the Roskilde Domkirke (Roskilde Cathedral) was the only cathedral in Zealand until the 20th century.

This cathedral, even today one of the biggest in Denmark, was the first one built of brick and its construction encouraged the spread of this style throughout northern Europe. Since the 15th century, it was also the main burial site for the Danish monarchs. Connected to the church is Roskilde Palace, built between 1733 and 1736, today a museum and the residence of the current bishop of Roskilde. Since 1995, Roskilde Cathedral has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

About the stamps

The two stamps are part of a serie named Smørrebrød (Traditional Danish open sandwiches), issued on June 1st, 2012 and designed by Peter Dam:
• 6 DKK
• 6 DKK - it's on this postcard
• 8 DKK - it's on this postcard
• 16 DKK

Roskilde Cathedral - Wikipedia
Roskilde Cathedral - UNESCO official website

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