March 4, 2013

0539 BELARUS (Vitebsk) - Braslau National Park

Located in the north-west of the Belarus, near the borders with Lithuania and Latvia, the Braslau National Park has 55 km long and between 5 km and 29 km wide and is a unique ecosystem with 30 glacial lakes and a large area of pine forests. The southern part of the park is represented by lowlands covered with forests, the major part of the area is occupied by different types of bogs.

Of the rare species listed in the Belarusian Red Book, the area is the home of the badger, lynx, brown bear, and swan. The swan was almost extinct in this area but now inhabits the Braslav lakes. Other native species include the black stork, common crane, silver seagull, willow grouse, and dunlin. The lakes of Braslav are rich with different kinds of fish. Pike perch, bream, whitebait, tench, whitefish are widespread. Eel is of special value. Also widespread are boar, roe deer, squirrel, brown and white hare, fox, raccoon, wolf, marten, otter, and mink.

About the stamps
The first stamp, depicting an European Pine Marten (1000 BYR), is part of the series Wild Animals, about which I wrote here. The following three stamps, depicting a lily (500 BYR), a tulip (100 BYR) and a narcissus (50 BYR), belongs to the Garden flowers series, about which I wrote here.

Braslau Lakes - Wikipedia
Braslau National Park - Braslau National Park official website

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