November 30, 2013

0881 ROMANIA (Suceava) - The map of Gura Humorului

Located on the eastern boundary of Obcinile Bucovinei ("obcini" means ridges extend, parallel, gentle, separated by parallel valleys), in Humor Depression, at the confluence of Humor and Moldova rivers, Gura Humorului has a climate with sedative properties, being therefore used, since the second half of the 19th century, as a resort . His first documentary mention dates from 1490, in a document issued by the chancery of Stephen the Great, but its importance has only increased during the Austrian occupation of Bukovina (1774-1918), when it became firs townlet and administrative territorial center (1820), then market town (1880) and capital of a district (1893), and finally town (1904).

In 1782, in Gura Humor was moved Austrian military commander, who built there a fortress, which became the headquarters of the border troops. After 1800, in locality settled Germans, Polish, Jews and Ukrainians, but now the population is Romanian majority (95.6%). Gura Humorului manages also the former village Voroneţ, now become its neighborhood, in which is located Voroneţ Monastery, whose church is one of the eight included between UNESCO World Heritage Sites, under the name Churches of Moldavia.

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