July 10, 2014

1140 KAZAKHSTAN - Mosque Khazret Sultan in Astana

In 1997, Nursultan Nazarbayev, the Kazakhstan's leader since 1989, but found in the circles of power long before the separation of the country from Soviet Union, moved the capital from Almaty in the southeast, in the north, to the steppe town of Akmola, to which changed also the name in Astana. On 6 july 2012, to commemorate the 14th anniversary of this event, was opened in the city the biggest mosque not only in Kazakhstan, but even in the whole Central Asia. Kazakhstan is the largest economy in Central Asia, and is predominantly Muslim (followers of the Hanafi school of Sunni Islam), so nothing strange this far, but was it a coincidence that July 6th was also Nazarbaev's 72nd birthday? The mosque, called Khazret Sultan, is big enough to take 5,000 worshippers and stands on a 27 acre site, roughly the size of 18 football pitches. Each of its domes is fitted with Barrisol sheets, printed with oriental patterns. The biggest dome is 28m wide and 51 m high, and the four minarets have 77m hight.

About the stamps
The first stamp is part of the series Coins of Kazakhstan: 20th anniversary of the National Currency, issued on 2913.

The second stamp is one of the two (both with the same face value, 230 KZT) issued as Europa Stamps on April 3, 2009, having as theme Astronomy:
• a portrait of Galileo Galilei and several telescopes - it's on the postcard
• one of Galileo's drawings of the Moon

Sender: ???
sent from Astana (Kazakhstan), on 24.06.2014

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