November 7, 2017

3191 CHINA (Hong Kong) - Pottinger Street

Known also as the Stone Slabs Street (since it is paved unevenly by granite stone steps), Pottinger Street is located in Central District, and was named in 1858 after Henry Pottinger, the first Governor of Hong Kong, serving from 1843 to 1844. The street was originally on the slope between Queen's Road Central and Hollywood Road. It then crosses Stanley Street and Wellington Street and ends at the western end of Hollywood Road, just after it meets Wyndham Street.

Central District underwent several reclamation projects, and extended the street north from Queen's Road Central to Connaught Road Central, junctioning Des Voeux Road Central. Buildings like Man Yee Building, Wing On House, Chinachem Tower and Hong Kong Chinese Bank Building are located at this section. This is the only section that allows vehicular traffic and not being paved by stone slabs. In the 19th century, Chinese and European residents used to live separately in different neighbourhoods. The street once acts as a rough boundary between the two groups.

About the stamps
The first stamp is part of the series The 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, designed by Shirman Lai and issued on July 1, 2017. On 1 July 1997, the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to the People's Republic of China took place, officially marking the end of Hong Kong's 156 years under British colonial governance. Each image of the four stamps is drawn in one-point perspective, giving the viewer – or letter writer – the sense that they are looking up into the sky.
1.70 HKD
2.90 HKD - It's on the postcard 3191
3.70 HKD
5.00 HKD

The second stamp is part of the series The 20th Anniversary of the Return of Hong Kong to China (joint Issue with China), designed by Bing-wah Hon and issued on July 1, 2017.
1.20 CNY
1.70 HKD - It's on the postcard 3191
1.20 CNY
1.50 HKD

Pottinger Street - Wikipedia

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