November 30, 2017

3209 GERMANY (Berlin) - Tramcar Class TM36 Number 3587 at Machnower Schleuse

The Berlin tramway is one of the oldest tram networks in the world having its origins in 1865 and is operated by Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), which was founded in 1928. It is notable for being the third-largest tram system in the world, after Melbourne and St. Petersburg. Berlin's streetcar system is made up of 22 lines that operate across a standard gauge network, with almost 800 stops and measuring almost 190km in route length and 430km in line length.

The line 96, from Tempelhof to Machnower Schleuse, linked, for many decades, Kleinmachnow, Stahnsdorf and Teltow, through Lichterfelde and Berlin Stadtmitte / Behrenstrasse. The tram from Berlin - first to Teltow - was initiated in 1887 by villa owners from Seehof in the form of a steam tram. In 1888 the line was put into operation, and extended in 1905 up to the Machnower Schleuse. From 1907 the tram was electrified.

After the WWII and the partition of Germany, the tram operated by Tempelhof - operator BVG West - and from Seehof to Machnower Schleuse - operator BVG East - and back. The tram operation was discontinued in 1961 in East Berlin and in 1967 in West Berlin. The railcar class TM36 number 3587 was constructed by the company WUMAG Görlitz in 1929. The color scheme used was the one of BVG: yellow chassis, interrupted only by the white colour of the carriage’s window frames.

In 1949, after network separation, it remaining at the BVG West, being retired in 1967. In 1996 it was restored, and in 1999 was installed at the corner of Elbestrasse and Weserstrasse in Teltow. In 2009 was placed to the former final stop Machnower Schleuse and since then serves as an information center for the local associations of Kleinmachnow, Stahnsdorf and Teltow on the subject of transport connections in region.

About the stamp
The stamp is one of the set issued in 2017 as part of the series Classic Cars, about which I wrote here.

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Sender: Marius Vasilescu
Sent from Berlin (Berlin / Germany), on 20.11.2017
Photo: Thomas Mosche / 2015

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