February 3, 2018

3258 POLAND (Lesser Poland) - International Postcrossing Meetup, Kraków, January 8, 2018

The first Polish Postcrossing meetup in 2018 occured on 8 January in Kraków, in Kazimierz district, somewhere near Q Hotel Plus, starting 4:30 afternoon. The special postcard issued with this occasion depicts Saint Mary's Basilica (Church of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven) seen from Sukiennice (Kraków Cloth Hall), across the Main Market Square in Kraków. This square is one of the four core areas of Historic Centre of Kraków, an UNESCO World Heritage Site about which I wrote here.

About the stamps
The first stamp is part of the series Film "Quo Vadis" by Jerzy Kawalerowicz, about which I wrote here. About the last stamp, issued to honor Postcrossing, I wrote here.

Sender: Mihnea Răducu and the Polish postcrossers who participated to the Postcrossing Meetup which held in Kraków on January 8, 2018.
Sent from Kraków (Lesser Poland / Poland) on 08.01.2018

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