February 3, 2018

3256 MYANMAR (Yangon Region) - Karaweik Hall

The Karaweik Hall, also known as Karaweik Palace is one of Yangon's many landmarks. From a distance, it looks like a huge golden barge floating on Kandawgyi Lake, glittering in the sun. The word karaweik comes from Pali karavika, which is a mythical bird with a melodious cry. The barge was designed by Burmese architect U Ngwe Hlaing, who based it on the Pyigyimon royal barge. Construction began in June 1972 and it was finished in October 1974.

The hall actually is a concrete and stucco structure, reinforced by iron rods, looking like two enormous golden birds with a roof in the shape of a pyatthat, a Burmese style multi tiered very ornate roof structure. The prow of the ship is built in the shape of a karavika. A golden ball is hanging from its beak. The back of the structure is formed by the tail of the Karaweik bird in red and gold colors, on top of the tail is a depiction of a Nat spirit.

Inside Karaweik Hall are reception halls, conference rooms, buffet restaurants and theatres. Visitors can enjoy an extensive buffet, a selection of Chinese, Burmese and Western food while watching a variety of traditional Burmese entertainment, which consists of shows like Burmese puppet show, the elephant dance and traditional Burmese dancing. There is also an exhibition of Burmese arts, handicrafts and traditional costumes.

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