October 10, 2011

0006 GERMANY (Lower Saxony) - Dorum

I don't succeeded to find much information about Dorum on the Internet, only it is a small village in Lower Saxony, near Bremerhaven, a quiet holiday destination, suitable for families. On this postcard can see the beach, the picturesque fishing port, Cuxland Ferienpark Hotel and St. Urban Church, built in 1250 in place of an church existing there since 1100 (the tower was added in 1751). On the back of the postcard the editor wrote "Deutschland ist schön" (Germany is beautiful). And that is really true.

About the stamp

The stamp is part of a set of two, issued by German Post on February 3, 2011 and illustrating two famous world heritage sites of UNESCO:
• Yakushi-ji Temple of Nara (Japan) (55c)
• St. Peter's Cathedral of Regensburg (Bavaria, Germany) (75c) - it's on this postcard

sender: Løthar / myheartbeatsinuganda (postcrossing)
sent from Dorum (Germany), on 29.09.2011

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