October 27, 2011

0022 THAILAND (Bangkok) - Black Castle of Bangkok

Buddhist temple Wat Ratchanaddaram is located nearly the famous Khaosan Road, in the Phra Nakhon district (Bangkok), and its main attraction is its architecturally unique Loha Prasat (Brazen Palace), which stands 36-meters high with 37 surrounding spires (37 is the number of chapters of Dharma in Buddhism). Built in 1846, in the reign of King Rama III, to celebrate the King's niece (hence its name, meaning Royal Niece) who became the first queen consort of King Rama IV, is one of Bangkok's most unusual structures, the only one of its kind left in the world. Sometimes called metal castle, or black castle because of its black roofs, it’s modeled after the Loha Prasada in India and Sri Lanka. The temple has a well-known market selling Buddhist amulets, or magic charms, in all shapes and sizes, for all the pockets and preferences.

Regarding the stamps, that I seemed normal definitive some, to my surprise I had to search long time to find some information, otherwise summary. Six Memorable Word series (6 designes with the same denomination - 3 baht) which includes these two models that Natchaon stuck on it to the postcard, was issued on January 28, 2010. That’s all.

Sender: Natchaon Chucherdsak (direct swap)
Sent from Bangkok (Thailand), on 13.10.2011
Photo: Bunyalit Trisutumporn

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