October 10, 2011

0005 THAILAND (Samut Prakan) - Ancient Siam

Without being a supporter of leftist ideology, I always share the opinion that the rich people have to return some of what they have earned to the society which facilitated theirs enrichment, at least erecting buildings of public interest, financing cultural activities and supporting education. Hence I appreciate the people who do such things. Such a man is Thai millionaire Lek Viriyaphant, responsible for the construction of Mueang Boran (Ancient Siam, formerly known as Ancient City). Situated in Samut Prakan province (part of the Bangkok Metropolitan Region), the 320-hectare city features 116 replicas of all major downscaled historical buildings of Thailand, making it the world's largest outdoor museum. In the postcard is the main entry gate in this architectural paradise.

About the stamp

The stamps are part of a set designed by Carlos Barahona Possollo and issued on 20.07.2011 by Thailand and Portugal, who jointly to commemorate 500 years of their trading relationship. It is well known, Portugal was the first Western nation to come into contact with Thailand. And probably the one who has earned most from this relationship. The design in this first pair of stamps shows Portuguese trading ships and small house boats of Thailand along the coast.

Ancient Siam -Wikipedia

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Sent from Bangkok (Thailand), on 26.09.2011

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