December 10, 2011

0066 BANGLADESH (Chittagong) – Sangu river

Yes, Safa, I got the postcard in one piece, even in a better condition than others. Thanks a lot. Over time I concluded that the technical level of equipment and logistic organization of a postal operator affect only how quickly is delivered the mail. The condition in which it reaches its destination depends on the conscientiousness and seriousness of the personnel who manipulates it. It's enough one single asshole along the route and the postcard reach damaged. Asshole which can be in Romania, in Bangladesh or in United States, because such people are everywhere.

So. Bangladesh (which means Country of Bengal in Bengali language) is a very young state, which gained the independence only in 1971, by separating from Pakistan, which split in turn from India in 1947. Bangladesh and indian state West Bengal makes up the ethno-linguistic region of Bengal. Bangladesh is in the low-lying Ganges–Brahmaputra River Delta, where the medieval European geographers have placed the paradise.

Most parts of Bangladesh are less than 12m above the sea level, which means that about 10% of the land would be flooded if the sea level were to rise by 1m. The highest region of Bangladesh is in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, the only hill intensive area of the country, divided in 1984 into 3 disctricts: Khagrachari, Rangamati and Bandarban. The postcard received by me is from Thanchi, a remote upazila parishad (county subdivisions) of Bandarban, practically located along the river Sangu. More about this picture I couldn't find.

The stamps are excellent. The first on the left belongs to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 set, consist of 4 stamps with the same denomination (20 taka), which shows bowling (this is on the postcard), batting, fielding and wicket keeping aspects of Cricket.

Also 4 stamps with the same value (5 taka) forming the Traditional Musical Instruments of Bangladesh set, desingned by Anowar Hossain & Jasim Uddin and issuedd on July 21, 201. From this series Safa has used for the postcard two stamps.

sender: Safa Mohammad (direct swap)

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