February 7, 2012

0119 JAPAN (Chūgoku) - Hiroshima Peace Memorial (UNESCO WHS)

Hiroshima isn't history, isn't past. Hiroshima haunt us and will haunt us, and so it must be. When talking about Hiroshima, should not be used figures. The deads isn't count, the deads should mourn. When talking about Hiroshima, should not be used words like "necessary", "payment", "inevitably", "blame"... The crimes aren't erased with other crimes.

About Hiroshima talks A-Bomb Dome, the dome of the memory that doesn't perish. About Hiroshima talks Hiroshima Mon Amour. About Hiroshima talk those who aren't anymore. "Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent", said Wittgenstein.

"I live near the area and I visited when I was youg", wrote me Akiko on the postcard. Which is good. Is good that Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Genbaku Dome) is UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even if China and the United States disagree, for different reasons. If we can't grieve together, neither we can enjoy together.

Fortunately, contrary to appearances, life always wins. As long as even one man will be alive, the number who have ever lived on Earth will be greater than of those who died. Which is good.

The postcard has also a stamp, which showing half of the painting Dragon against tiger, by Hashimoto Gahō (1835-1908). Right half, ie the dragon. The other half, ie the tiger, appears on the second stamp in the series. 

sender: Akiko Watanabe (direct swap)
sent from Kitakyushu (Japan), on 26.01.2012

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