March 13, 2012

0144 CHINA (Yunnan) - A bright smile

Today is Tuesday 13, so I thought to offer you a smile to chase away bad luck. The two women who smile so sincere are from rural area of Yunnan province, located in southern China, at the border with Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. As I say here, China seems to use another scale than Europe. For example Yunnan province covers an area about as Romania, Hungary and Serbia together (ie 394,100 km2), and a population as these countries, plus Bulgaria and Macedonia (ie 46 million inhabitants). Even if Yunnan is noted for a very high level of ethnic diversity, nevertheless 67% of the population belongs to the Han group (the largest single ethnic group in the world, about 20% of the entire global human population), so I may assume (I hope I'm right) that these two women belong to this group.

Whether is so or not, women have reason to smile, because Yunnan's reserves of aluminium, lead, zinc and tin are the largest in China, and those of copper and nickel are also not negligible. Further, the central government of China have a plan for the poverty alleviation, which includes large projects to attempts at soil improvement, water conservation, electric power, roads, and "green belt" building.

About the stamps
The postcard was sent from Hong Kong (which since 1997 is one of two Special Administrative Regions of People's Republic of China), so that the stamp is also from there. It’s part of the series of birds issued on December 31th, 2006, about which I wrote here.

Sender: Hannah / hannahman (postcrossing)
Sent from Hong Kong (Hong Kong / China), on 18.02.2012


  1. Hey!I am Hannah. I'm sorry about that I'm busy before therefore I can't reply your email. Alway I am happy to saw that here are more detail about this postcard and good translation. Here also have most postcard And mire information about others country,city! A nice blog!

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Hannah. :)