July 4, 2012

0267 GERMANY (Bremen) - Here piggy, piggy!

The Sögestrasse (Pigstreet) is a main shopping street in the city of Bremen, a pedestrian one which leads in south-north direction, from the upper road towards ramparts and Herdentorsteinweg Station to the street Am Wall. At the northern end is located a life-sized bronze statue by the sculptor Peter Lehmann, which depict a pigs flock with their swineherd and a watch-dog.

Söger comes from the German saeue, meaning sow, and back in the middle ages the pig herder would bring his pigs here at the end of the day, when the market closed, so that his pigs could feast on all the left over or discarded fruit and vegetables. Street was first mentioned in 1261, as Patea Porcorum, and in 1306 already appears as Soghestrate. Probably the pigs of those times would be very surprised to learn that the street is now paved with granite from China.

About the stamps

The first stamp on the left is a very interesting one, issued on July 15 1982 by Deutsche Bundespost (German federal post office), designed by Gamroth, and having as theme Kein Alkohol im Straßenverkehr (no driving when drunk alcohol). 

The second, depicting Tagetes, is part of the Blumen series, about which I wrote here.

The third stamp, designed by Ingo Wulff, was issued on April 12, 2012, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of Deutsche Welthungerhilfe, a non-profit-making, non-governmental and politically independent aid agency, which has as goal to banish famine and poverty from the world.

Ssender: Jörn Hegner
Sent from Bremen (Bremen / Germany), on 05.06.2012
Photo: Klaus Stute

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