August 5, 2012

0299 SOUTH KOREA (Seoul) - Changdeokgung Palace Complex (UNESCO WHS)

Since the late 14th century, when was chosen as capital of the Joseon dynasty, that will rule Korea over five centuries, urban and civil planning was a key concept for Seoul. One of the Five Grand Palaces built by this dinasty is Changdeokgung (Palace of Prospering Virtue), the second after Gyeongbokgung, which had been established in 1395.

Construction of Changdeok Palace began in 1405, and was completed in 1412. Burned, in whole or in part, several times, was reconstructed each time in conformity to its original design. It was the site of the royal court and the seat of government until 1872, when the neighboring Gyeongbokgung was rebuilt, and Korea's last Emperor, Sunjong, lived here until his death in 1926.

Featuring by simplicity and frugality, because of Confucian ideology, the structures of particular interest of Gyeongbokgung include:
• Donhwamun Gate - The main palace gate.
• Geumcheongyo Bridge - Oldest bridge in Seoul.
• Injeongjeon Hall (National Treasure) - the throne hall of Changdeokgung (in the postcard).
• Seonjeongjeon Hall - An office for ruling officials.
• Huijeongdang Hall - Originally the king's bed chamber, it became later his workplace.
• Daejojeon Hall - Official residence of the queen.
• Juhamnu Pavilion (Kyujanggak) - Royal libraries.
• Yeon-gyeongdang Residence - An audience hall.
• Huwon (Rear Garden)

Changdeokgung was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997, under the name Changdeokgung Palace Complex, because is an "outstanding example of Far Eastern palace architecture and garden design", "integrated into and harmonized with the natural setting" and adapted "to the topography and retaining indigenous tree cover."

The first stamp on the right was issued on February 3, 2006, and depicts an orchid named Crinum (Crinum asiaticum var. Japonicum Baker).

Korea Post organizes in each year an International Postage Stamp Design Contest. The 17th contest was held under the theme of Sharing Hope from July 7 to September 6, 2011. The series issued with this occasion consists of:
• the work of Yeonju Chung, the Grand Prize winner in the Youth Category, which conveys the message of "let's deliver the warmth of the fur hat to our neighbors in the global village"
• the work of Glen M. Isaac, the Grand Prize winner in the General Category, which describes the children around the world delivering hope by piecing together one rainbow - it's on the postcard 
The postmark is the first day one (April 25, 2012). 

This is a post for Sunday Stamps #82, run by Viridian from Viridian’s Postcard Blog. The theme of this week is: "stamps that leave you wondering: what is this stamp trying to show? What does it commemorate? Or, who is this person on this stamp anyway?" Why I posted this stamp on this topic, since I explained what it is? Because if you don't speak Korean language and don't have access to Google Images, you can't understand what he wants to illustrate. In fact, without Google Images I wouldn't be able to identify neither the building shown in the postcard, on which, as you can see, don't write anything (I suspect that isn't a postcard published officially, but one listed on a printer). Click on the button to visit Viridian’s blog and all the other participants.

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Sender: Wonsik Kang (direct swap)
Sent from Goyang (South Korea), on 25.04.2012
Photo: Land of Grace


  1. Ah, what did we do before Mr. Google. Or before the internet. I hope my postcard senders help by writing on the card what the image is about.
    thank you for participating!

  2. Impressive palace. Heart warming stamp of sharing the rainbow. Hurray for Google image, it may come up with some strange results but invaluable.

  3. I really like the rainbow stamp but, as you say, we'd be lost without Google images.

  4. Great post and a very imaginative design rainbow stamp.

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  5. Really nice stamp. Rainbow on a white background is pretty clear. pity that there do not have the second stamp of the series.