August 23, 2012

0311 UNITED KINGDOM (Falkland Islands) - The Government House

The Government House in Falkland Islands (a British overseas territory in the South Atlantic Ocean), i.e. the official Residence and office of the Governor, is one of the historic buildings in the archipelago. The Governor is the representative of the British Crown, i.e. the islands' de facto head of state in the absence of the British monarch. Built in 1845, after the design of the very first Governor, Richard Moody (1841-1848), the house was planned to be used only as office, and it was not used as a residence until 1859, when Governor Moore (1855-1862) moved in, after he added a small wing to the east of the building, which now forms part of the sitting room and the Governor's study.

The wooden wing to the west was constructed under Governor Kerr (1880-1886) around 1881, mainly as a guest wing. Sir Ernest Shackleton stayed here in 1916, during his famous Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. An eastern red brick wing was added under Governor Hodson (1927-1931), including guest bedrooms and a snooker and games room. In 1982, during the Argentine invasion of the Falklands, governor Sir Rex Hunt established the operational headquarters for the Royal Marines in his residence, so he sent his family and domestic staff to safer houses.

After an engagement between the two forces, Hunt gave the order to lay down arms and gone to Stanley town hall, wearing his governor's plumed hat, to meet the Argentine General. "You have landed unlawfully on British territory and I order you to remove yourself and your troops forthwith," said Hunt. Four hours later the governor was on a plane to Montevideo, Uruguay, where was expelled by Argentinians. The occupation started on April 2 lasted only 74 days.

About the stamps

The stamps is the complete commemorative series 30th Anniversary of Liberation, designed by Bee Design and issued on June 14, 2012.
• The Liberation Monument (0.30 GBP)
• The MV Concordia Bay (0.30 GBP)
• A primary and a secondary school in Stanley (0.75 GBP)
• The Sand Bay Wind Farm, near Stanley (0.75 GBP)
• Stanley's main street, which follows the waterfront (1.00 GBP)
• Two confident children enjoying a spectacular Falklands scene (1.20 GBP)

Government House, Stanley - HM Governor's Office official website
My War Story, interview with Sir Rex Hunt - BBC

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  1. It is interesting and cool you have a postcard with the stamps when they were issued. Super. Was it a coincidence?