March 30, 2014

1038 GUYANA - St. Georges Anglican Cathedral (UNESCO WHS - Tentative List)

Located on Church Street in Georgetown, the capital city of Guyana, this Anglican cathedral, designed by Sir Arthur Blomfield, was consecrated in 1894. At the beginning, the architect Arthur Blomfield designed the plans of a cathedral in stone, with a central tower and two western towers, but these were rejected because of the weight and the expense. His subsequent plans for a wooden cathedral were accepted, a design that kept many of the salient features of his first plan, such as the central tower and the Latin cross formation of nave and transepts. It is characterised mainly by Gothic arches, clustered columns and flying buttresses, but it also has a tropical flavour, ensuring light and air. The interior of the church makes for fascinating history. Any object or structure tell a story, not only about Guyana's history, but glimpses of its Caribbean neighbours are also revealed. A large chandelier, a gift from Queen Victoria, hangs prominently within the cathedral. The wooden Centenary Cross in front of the High Altar marks the 100th anniversary of the Province of the West Indies, founded in 1883.

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St. George's Cathedral, Georgetown - Wikipedia

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