April 23, 2014

1064 SPAIN (Cantabria) - Suances

Suances extends around the union of the rivers Saja and Besaya, forming at its mouth the estuary of Suances, also known as San Martin de la Arena. The estuary forms a natural harbor between cliffs (Punta del Dichoso) in which many historians locate the Portus Blendium, a Roman port famous for its navy and great commercial, which became the most important route of entry of the Cantabrian coast. Their rocky creeks and their extensive sandbanks, as also the succession of smooth hills and valleys which forms the beautiful places crossed by the confluence of the two rivers, are some of the attractiveness of the municipality.

About the stamps
The first two stamp, depicting a tambourine and Castanets, are part of the series Musical Instruments - Percussion, about which I wrote here. The last one is part of the definitive series with the portrait of the King Juan Carlos I, about which I wrote here.

Suances - Alojamientos Montesal

sender: Luis M. Ceballos (direct swap)
sent from Hinojedo (Cantabria / Spain), on 24.01.2014

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