February 10, 2015

1451 A world map

I like this map, but I don't know what can I say about it. It was printed in Russia... Otherwise... Ah, it is deformed in an unusual way... Any map is distorted, because it's a problem to represent a globe on a plane, but this map has a disproportionate ratio between water and land, i.e. that the seas and oceans occupy an area much smaller than in reality. But who cares? There is no one going to be guided by such a map. In another train of thoughts, the fantastic animals present on the maps of the great geographical discoveries era were replaced, in a cute way, with childish representations of animals common in cartoons.

About the stamps
The stamps, depicting the bear (10 and 25 RUB), are part of a definitive series about which I wrote here.

Sender: Alsu / Akane_93 (postcrossing) RU-3413550
Sent from Leninogorsk (Republic of Tatarstan / Russia), on 30.01.2015 

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  1. I have got the same postcard, but sent from China. I like it sooo much :-)