February 3, 2015

1435 SWITZERLAND (Jura) - Saint-Ursanne bridge

The small city of Saint-Ursanne, which name refers to Saint Ursicinus, a 7th-century monk who built a monastery here, has preserved its medieval character, and contains many historical curiosities, including collegiate churches, a cloister, the ruins of a castle, and a hermitage. Additionally, the city is famous for the medieval festival which it organizes each summer. The River Doubs makes a loop by Saint-Ursanne before flowing into France. The entrance from the south over the bridge and through the Porte St-Jean is very impressive. A statue of St. John of Nepomuk, patron saint of all bridges, stands on one of the abutments.

A first bridge must have stood around 1440. It can be assumed that it was also built of wood, as was one known from an earlier 16th century depiction of the town. Chroniclers reported that the winter in 1670 was so cold that even the wine in the cellars froze. At that time the wooden bridge was destroyed by ice flowing down the Doubs. The bridge subsequently built in 1728/29 by master builder Brunet to plans by Advocate Humbert.

About the stamps

The first stamp was one othe two designed by A. Flueckiger and issued in 1965 to celebrate Nabra 1965 - National Stamp Exhibition which held between 27 August and 05 September 1965 at Bern.

The second stamp, designed by Han Thoni, was issued on February 21, 1979, to honor Othmar H. Ammann (1879-1965) a Swiss-American structural engineer who designed, among others, the George Washington Bridge, Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, and  Bayonne Bridge.

The third stamp is part of the Bridge series, designed by Pierre Baur and issued on September 10, 1991:
• Bridge of natural stone near Lavertezzo (50 CHF) - It's on the postcard
• "Neubrück" near Bremgarten (70 CHF)
• Railway bridge between Koblenz & Felsenau (80 CHF)
• Gander bridge on the new Simplon road (90 CHF)

The fourth stamp, depicting Finsteraarhorn mountain, is part of the Swiss Alps series, designed by Hans Thoni and issued in 1966. These stamps have benefited also from maxicards.

The last postcard, depicting a Re 6/6 locomotive, is part of the series designed by Celestino Piatti and issued on February 18, 1982, to commemorate 100 years Gotthard Railway.

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