February 8, 2015

1448 UNITED KINGDOM (Bermuda) - Tobacco Bay

Located in the far north of Bermuda, Tobacco Bay lies close to the town of St. George's and to the historic  Fort St. Catherine. Survivors of Sir George Somers’ ship, the Sea Venture, gave this bay its name after they discovered tobacco growing here. Now, snorkelling is a popular activity, because the bay has impressive underwater coral reefs. It has also an interesting history and was intimately connected with Bermuda's Gunpowder Plot. On August 14, 1775, a group of Bermudians sympathetic to the independentist cause of the American Continental Congress stole gunpowder from the British Magazine in St. George's, rolled it across the island to Tobacco Bay and shipped it to America.

About the stamps
The first stamp, depicting Atlantic Trumpet Triton (0.40 BMD), belongs to the second part of the series Bermudan Shells, about which I wrote here.

The last stamp is part of the series Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge 2009, issued on June 11, 2009:
• Concordia (0.35 BMD)
• Picton Castle (0.70 BMD)
• Jolie Brise (0.85 BMD) - It's on the postcard
• Tecla (0.95 BMD) - It's on other postcard
• Europa (1.10 BMD)
• Etoile (1.25 BMD)

This is a post for Sunday Stamps II-8, run by Violet Sky from See It On A Postcard. The theme of this week is:Ships, boats. Click here to visit Violet’s blog and all the other participants. 

Tobacco Bay, Bermuda - Wikipedia

Sender: Denise 
Sent from Southampton (Bermuda), on 24.04.2014
Photo: Ian Macdonald-Smith


  1. Those are gorgeous stamps. Thanks for choosing them to share.

  2. I really love this ship with red sails.

  3. You are showing us a varied collection of ships from around the world. Thanks for including these.

    1. Yes Bob, I chose different types of ships, from three corners of the world. Only Asia is missing. If I had time, I would have posted also something from Asia. :)