April 26, 2015

1543 UNITED STATES (New York) - Yankee Stadium in New York City


Yankee Stadium is located in the Bronx, northernmost of the five boroughs of New York City, and is the home ballpark for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball (MLB) and the home stadium for New York City FC of Major League Soccer (MLS). With a capacity of 52335, it replaced the original stadium, and is placed one block north of the original, on the former site of Macombs Dam Park. Its construction began in August 2006, spanned many years and faced many controversies, including the high public cost and the loss of public parkland. The new stadium, opened on April 2, 2009, is meant to evoke elements of the original Yankee Stadium, both in its original 1923 state and its post-renovation state in 1976.

The stadium was designed by the architect firm Populous. The exterior was made from 11,000 pieces of Indiana limestone, along with granite and pre-cast concrete. It features the building's name V-cut and gold-leaf lettered above each gate. The interior is adorned with hundreds of photographs capturing the history of the Yankees. The New York Daily News newspaper partnered with the Yankees for the exhibition "The Glory of the Yankees Photo Collection", which was selected from the Daily News' collection of over 2,000 photographs. Sports & The Arts was hired by the Yankees to curate the nearly 1,300 photographs that adorn the building from sources including the Daily News, Getty Images, the Baseball Hall of Fame and Major League Baseball.

About the stamps

The first stamps are part of the set A scene in Montana, 75 million years ago, which is part of the series The World of Dinosaurs. "The United States Postal Service has a rule: A person must be dead for at least ten years before they can appear on a stamp," said artist James Gurney, who created the two scenes of the series. "Dinosaurs have been dead for 65 million years, so they definitely qualify!" "I wanted the picture to tell a variety of stories," Gurney continued. "Not only predators looking for a meal, but also babies hatching from eggs and mammals hiding in trees. To show a fossil in the making, I placed a skull of one dinosaur in the mud at the edge of a pond." The World of Dinosaurs was issued on May 1, 1997, and coincided with the release of the Steven Spielberg sequel to The Lost World: Jurassic Park. First Day of Issue ceremonies for the stamps were held at the Dinosaur Valley Museum in Grand Junction, Colorado - located in the heart of the world-famous Dinosaur Triangle. The series consists of 15 stamps (all with the same face values, 32c), divided in two scenes:

A scene in Colorado, 150 million years ago
Ceratosaurus - it's on other postcard
Camptosaurus - it's on other postcard
Camarasaurus - it's on other postcard
Brachiosaurus - it's on other postcard
Goniopholis - it's on other postcard
Stegosaurus - it's on other postcard
Allosaurus - it's on other postcard
Opisthias - it's on other postcard

A scene in Montana, 75 million years ago
Edmontonia - it's on the postcard
Einiosaurus - it's on the postcard
Daspletosaurus - it's on other postcard
Palaeosaniwa - it's on other postcard
Corythosaurus - it's on other postcard
Ornithomimus - it's on other postcard
Parasaurolophus - it's on other postcard

On the sheets margins appear also other prehistoric animals (Archaeopteryx, Comodactylus ostromi, Alphadon, Stegoceras, and Quetzalcoatlus) and modern-like animals (Turtle, Dragonfly, Heron-like bird, and Frogs).

The last two stamps, depicting Scarlet King Snake and Ornate Chorus Frog, is part of the series Reptiles & Amphibians, about which I wrote here.

This is a post for Sunday Stamps II-19, run by Violet Sky from See It On A Postcard. The theme of this week is: Dinosaurs, or big animals. Click here to visit Violet’s blog and all the other participants.

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