January 28, 2017

2936 ROMANIA (Dâmboviţa) - The Sphinx of Bucegi Mountains

The Sphinx is a natural rock formation located at an altitude of 2,216m, in the Bucegi Mountains, a 10-minute walk from Babele. The name of the Sphinx is due to its similarity with a human head, or with the similarity with the Egyptian Sphinx, its creation being the work of natural forces (especially wind erosion but also rain). The image of the Sphinx appeared when the rock, having an 8m height and a 12m width, was watched from a certain angle. The megalith has its clearest outline on 21st November, at the time the sun goes down. It only acquired its nickname in the year 1936.

There are many legends and theories that suggest that this face hasn’t been shaped by wind and it was carved by hand, long time ago. It is said that it could represent a supreme divinity of the populations living on these territories in ancient times, such as the Pelasgians (lived on these territories but also in the Greece region long time before the Ancient Greece), or the Dacians. The people passionate about occult and paranormal science believe that it is a strong energetic center.

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