April 15, 2017

3019 NETHERLANDS (Aruba) - Carnival in Aruba

As it is in many Caribbean and Latin American countries, the holiday of Carnival is an important one in Aruba, and goes on for weeks. Its celebration in Aruba started, around the 1950s, influenced by the inhabitants from Venezuela and the nearby islands who came to work for the Oil refinery. Now, the Carnival Celebration starts from the beginning of January till the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday with a large parade on the last Sunday of the festivities (Sunday before Ash Wednesday).

Aruba Carnivals events are remembered for their powerful music. Winning songs selected at  carnival competitions in Aruba include the best calypso with politically-charged lyrics and social commentaries, and the best road march with catchy lyrics and melodies and movements all perform together. Grand Parades in San Nicolaas and Oranjestad are the biggest celebration parties of the season and shut down both cities. 

Under the blazing sun, marchers in resplendent feathered and sequined regalia are joined by imaginative rolling road pieces and huge music machines on wheels. Some carnival groups in Aruba have hundreds of participants. Lining the streets along the routes of the Grand Parades are trailers of all shapes and sizes; many spectators are also happy just to stand at the side of the road. The midnight burning of King Momo, a life-size effigy of the spirit of Aruba'sCarnival, signals the end of the season.

About the stamp
The stamp is part of the series Paradise Birds, issued on April 24, 2014. All the stamps have the same face value  (2.50 AWG)
• Paradisaea rudolphi
• Lophorina superba
• Seleucidis melanoleucus - It's on the postcard 3019
• Paradisaea apoda
• Paradisaea minor
• Paradisaea rudolphi
• Ptiloris victoriae
• Cicinnurus regius
• Diphyllodes respublica
• Parotia carolae

Aruba Carnival - aruba.com
Carnival in Aruba - aruba.com

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