September 3, 2017

3142 MALAYSIA (Johor) - Sultan Ismail Building in Johor Bahru

Located in Kota Iskandar, Iskandar Puteri, Johor Bahru District, in the Malayan state of Johor, Sultan Ismail Building is the meeting places for the Johor State Legislative Assembly. The architecture is a distinctive blend of Moorish-Andalusian and Johor-Malay design. There are two distinctive skylights: one shaped like a diamond and another like a pineapple, a symbol of Johor's economic prosperity. Integrated within the Hall are symbolisms of Johor's past and bright future, such as black pepper motifs. There are also many lush gardens, such as the Musk Lime Garden and Potpourri Garden.

About the stamps
The first stamp is part of the series Folklore - Malay Folk Stories, issued on October 27, 2014. All the stamps have the same face values (0.60 MYR)
• Hang Tuah
• Tun Teja
• Mahsuri
• Merong Maha Wangsa
• Tun Kudu - It's on the postcard 3142
• Tun Fatimah

The second stamp is part of the series Traditional Transportation, issued on August 18, 2004. 
• Trishaw (Beca) (0.40 MYR)
• Rickshaw (Lanca) (0.50 MYR)
• Padi Horse (Kuda Padi) (1.00 MYR) - It's on the postcard 3142
• Bullock Cart (Kereta Lembu) (2.00 MYR)

Sultan Ismail Building - Wikipedia

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