October 12, 2017

3168 SLOVAKIA (Bratislava) - Čumil the Peeper

Čumil is an Bratislavian emerging sewer worker, who got his head out of a manhole and... And nothing. Nobody knows what he's doing. Is he resting? Is he heading down to clean up your mess? Or is he peeping up women’s skirts? Because he is made from bronze, he has a lot of patience and can wait without any trouble until we will find the answer. Actually he waits since 1997, when was installed to spice up the look of the area, which was traditionally marked with drab Communist-era architecture and decoration.

As Čumil is leaning out over a curb it comes as no surprise that his head has been clipped off more than once by careless motorists. The statue isn't just a danger to drivers, but to pedestrians as well. In order to protect drivers, amblers, and even Čumil himself, the city installed a warning sign just above his head. Physical dangers aside, Čumil (realised by the Slovakian artist Viktor Hulík) has come to be a beloved institution in the city and visitors come from all over to lay in the street and look him in the eyes.

About the stamp
The stamp belong to Cultural heritage of Slovakia set,about which I wrote here.

Cumil the Sewer Worker - Atlas Obscura
The Watcher - Man at Work - Monuments and statues, a Van der Krogt website

Sender: Andra Ivănescu
Sent from Bratislava (Bratislava / Slovakia), on 10.2017
Photo: Martin Sloboda

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  1. LOL I love this postcard! What a fun way to make the streets more safe. :D