October 17, 2017

3170 UKRAINE (Lviv) - Potocki Palace in Lviv

The Potocki Palace in Lviv was built in the 1880s as an urban seat of Alfred Józef Potocki, former Minister-President of Austria. It was confiscated by the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1940, and in 1972 was adapted for holding wedding ceremonies. In the 2000s, the President of Ukraine appropriated the palace as one of his residences. The present palace was built in the style of Baroque, the era of French King Louis XIV by the French architect Louis Alphonse Rene Dovernut. The project was modified by Lviv architects Juliusz Tsybulski and Ludwik Baldwin-Ramult and implemented under their guidance.

It was a three-storeyed building with high mansard roof and elegantly decorated facades. Monumental gates with two side wings separated building's yard from the Kopernika Street. The facades are decorated with figured window frames and rustication, moulded balconies and balustrades. The front entrance is decorated with an arched portico with stucco and ionic columns. From the street on the courtyard, there are the grand monumental gate with two wings decorated with a cartoon. By 1879 there was a large city park, but at the end of the 19- early 20th centuries around the palace, a number of multistory buildings were built.

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The stamp is part of the series Love Nature! Ceahlău National Park, about which I wrote here.

Potocki Palace, Lviv - Wikipedia

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