October 26, 2017

3179 POLAND (West Pomerania) - Kołobrzeg Lighthouse

Located on the Polish coast of the Baltic Sea, on the right bank of the river Parsęta, at the entrance to the port of KołobrzegKołobrzeg Lighthouse is 26m tall, with a range of its light glare of 29.6 km. Its history dates back to 1666. In WWII it was blown up by German engineers as it was a good look-out point for the Polish artillery in March 1945. After the war it was built at a slightly different location from the original, using the foundations of the fort buildings complex; located close by to the town.

In 1981 the current structure had a complete overhaul and the 50cm diameter lens was replaced by a rotating set of halogen bulbs. The wooden staircase was also replaced by a metal one. The basement of the lighthouse is taken up by an interesting museum of minerals with several dozen glass display cases. Shelves are covered with hundreds of crystallised, cut and polished minerals from all around the world. The collection also has examples of striped flint from Ilza and petrified wood.

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About the stamps
The first stamp is part of the series Lighthouses, about which I wrote here. The second stamp is part of the series Flowers and Fruits, about which I wrote here.

The last two stamps are part of the series Extreme Sports, designed by Magdalena Błażków and issued on April 15, 2017.
1 - It's on the postcard 3179
2 - It's on the postcard 3179
3 - It's on the postcard 3189
4 - It's on the postcard 3189

About the postmark

The postmark was applied on October 9, 2017, on Koszalin 1 Post Office. It has as subject Filatelist's Day - Treasures of the Koszalin Fishery Land, and was projected by Hans Joachim Kuhnert.

Kołobrzeg Lighthouse - Wikipedia
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Sender: Krystyna Betiuk (direct swap)
Sent from Koszalin (West Pomerania / Poland), on 09.10.2017

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