November 13, 2011

0037 NETHERLANDS - A mill in the moonlight

A windmill that has close its sails like a butterfly the wings and went to sleep, guarded by the shiny penny of the full moon and by the poplars sorrowful that the autumn has robbed their leafage. Only the owner is still awake, counting for the third time the earnings of the daytime to the light of the gas lamp, while his wife fell asleep waiting for him and dreams as she lost her slipper to the ball of the royal court. That's shown in the postcard.

Maybe you dont see quite the same thing like me, but certainly you see the tower, which dates back as early from the XVIIIth century, but most likely from the XIXth, when was built many tower mills. Along with the growing economy it have replaced the post mills, more cumbersome and less productive. Difference between the two types of mills is that at post mills had to turn the entire building to bring the sails into the wind, while at tower mills supposed to turn only the cap (the roof). Although tower mills are generally associated with Netherlands, it have been used throughout Europe.

In terms of the stamps, It's difficult for me to judge whether are or not serial produced, especially since on the back of the postcards were applied personalized stamps. Anyway, I don't find any information about it.

Sender: Gerda (Walltype)

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