November 21, 2011

0048 AUSTRALIA (New South Wales) - Disaster Bay and Green Cape Lightstation

"Disaster Bay is in the beautiful Ben Boyd National Park wilderness area of far south coast of New South Wales. The Bay is the site of many shipwrecks and tragedies. Green Cape Lighthouse is a fully operational light station to this days," is written on the postcard received from Sharon. Concise and comprehensive. Besides, can't be added too many other things.

The english navigator and expert cartographer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814) - who circumnavigated Australia and encouraged the use of that name for the continent (at that time known as New Holland) - moored in the bay from the picture in 1802 and named it Disaster Bay after the loss of eight of his men gone on shore to bring drinking water.

The Green Cape Lightstation, designed by James Barnet, was commenced operation in 1883, and with its 29m high was the largest mass-concrete structure built in New South Wales up until that time. There were many shipwrecks around Green Cape before and even after construction of the lighthouse. The best known is the wrecking of the steamer Ly-ee-moon that sank in 1886 with the loss of 76 lives. Some of the victims are buried in a graveyard near the lightstation.

Ben Boyd National Park was founded in 1971 and now comprises three areas, north and south of Twofold Bay, and the north of the Pambula River. The lightstation was included in the park in 1997. It took its name from Benjamin Boyd, one of the largest land-holders of the area, with extensive interests in the Monaro and Riverina. In 1849 his financial empire collapsed, and he left Australia after only seven years in the country.

Sharon has used again three stamps, other than on the previous postcards, which can only rejoice me. The first on the left (41c) is an anniversary one, issued on November 1st, 1989 with the occasion of 50th Anniversary of Radio Australia.

The second belongs to the set Dreamings - Paintings by Aboriginal Artists issued on 1993 and including 4 stamps:
- Wild Onion Dreaming by Pauline Nakamurra Woods (45c)
- Yam Plants by Jack Wunuwun (75c) – it’s on the postcard
- Goose Egg Hunt by George Milpurrurru (85c)
- Kalumpiwara-Ngulalintji by Rover Thomas ($1)

The third, my favorite, is part of an excellent set, Classic Cars, issued on 1997 and including also 4 stamps, all with the same denomination of 45 c:
- Ford Coupe Utility 1934
- GMH Holden 48-125 (FX) 1948 – it’s on the postcard
- Austin Lancer 1958
- Chrysler Valiant R Series 1962

sender: Sharon Busuttil (direct swap)

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