May 12, 2012

0202 TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO (Tobago) – Tobago from tobacco or vice versa

I talked here about Trinidad and Tobago flag and about the largest island of this union, respectively Trinidad. Behold that I have now received a postcard also showing the flag, but also the map of the second island in size and importance of this archipelagic state from the southern Caribbean, Tobago, much smaller (approximately 42km long and 10km wide) and bearing a name derived, it seems, from the word tobacco. Or vice versa. Located in the northeast of Trinidad and southeast of Grenada, Tobago lies outside the hurricane belt. But not all the hurricanes respect the rule established by meteorologists, so that the consequences of Hurricane Flora on September 30, 1963, were so drastic, that they changed the island's economy.

The first European visitor was Cristopher Columbus on his third voyage (1498), but the first settlers were Courlanders in 1654. It changed hands 33 times between Courland, Spain, England, France, Sweden, and the Dutch Republic until in 1814 it became part of the British Empire. In 1889 Tobago was united with Trinidad into a British crown colony. In 1962 they became an independent Commonwealth nation of Trinidad and Tobago, in 1976 a republic. The capital is Scarborough, with a population around 17,000, almost one-third of the population of the island, composed mainly of African descent, although with a growing proportion of Trinidadians of East Indian descent and Europeans.

The stamp is the same as the one from the first postcard, but still I can't say anything about it.

sender: Nalini Mohammed (direct swap)
sent from San Fernando (Trinidad and Tobago), on 26.03.2012

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