May 24, 2012

0219 NETHERLANDS (Netherlands / South Holland) - Rijksscholen Gemeenschap

Behold a new postcard for the topic Received from those born on August 8, beautiful and nostalgic, coming from a very friendly lady from the Netherlands. Dankzij veel, Ado. Thus, this "club" has now seven members (from seven different countries). With me, eight.

As Ado says, in the image is a Rijksscholen Gemeenscha (Kingdom Community Schools), a secondary school, which she graduated, in South of Rotterdam. As far as I understand, this is (or was) a network of secondary schools (about which I couldn't learn more) who benefit from such buildings, built after the plans of the same architect. Today the building in the image no longer serves as school, but was turned into a residential complex.

First stamp is part of a large series, named Mooi Nederland (Beautiful Netherlands). This set contains 5 stamp with the same value (€1), issued in 2011 and depicting 5 cities:
• Almere
• Apeldoorn (the city from where was sent the postcard) – it’s on the postcard
• Breda
• Eindhoven
• Enschede

The second stamp is part of the comemorative series issued on August 22, 2011, for celebrate the centenary of the Bond Heemschut (Heritage Society Heemschut), the largest and oldest private association for the protection of cultural monuments in the Netherlands. The stamps illustrates the important work of this association by displaying six striking structures that thanks to the efforts of the association will be retained:
• the Embassy of the United States in The Hague
• Castle Amerongen
• the stocking factory Winterswijk
• the North-South Holland Coffee Shop in Amsterdam – it’s on the postcard
• The Saint Servatius Bridge in Maastricht
• the synagogue Groningen

sender: Ado Vijge (direct swap)
sent from Apeldoorn (Netherlands), on 29.04.2012

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