January 5, 2013

0447 TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO (Trinidad) - President's House

Located next to the Botanical Gardens in Port of Spain, the President's House was built between 1873 and 1876 and was used as the residence of the Governor of Trinidad and Tobago until 1958, when it became the residence of the Governor-General of the West Indies Federation. In 1962, when Trinidad and Tobago attained independence, the house became a museum and Art Gallery, and then once again the residence of the Governors-General. In 1976, after the proclamation of the republic, the building was designated the residence of the President.

Constructed mainly of iron and steel superstructures, clad in local blue limestone from Piccadilly and Laventille Quarries, and with a roof consists of Welsh Dutchess slates, The President's House is considered one of the most gracious pieces of architecture to be found in the city of Port of Spain. Its elongated facade is a tasteful mix of neo-Renaissance archways and fine Victorian detail, more precisely the arched doorways and loggias are Italian in style, while the cast iron columns and filigreed railings offer examples of the finest Victorian colonial style.

Inside, the house is spacious and dignified, with its red-carpeted Grand Staircase, the famous Long Room and Dining Hall, and the Great Hall or Sitting Room which is used for ceremonial occasions and which can seat over 200 persons. In addition to being the President's private residence, the House is used for swearing-in ceremonies, national awards ceremonies and diplomatic receptions. The President's Office is housed in a separate building; the President's personal and Public Service staff have their offices there.

About the stamps
The stamps are part of the series Local Herbal Medicine (artwork - Ato Osei), issued in 2005:
• Rachet (25c) – it’s on the postcard
• Chandelier (50c)
• Worm Grass (75c)
• Black Sage ($1.00)
• Wonder of the World ($3.00) – it’s on the postcard
• Vervine ($3.25)
• Aloe Vera ($4.00)
• Senna ($5.00)
• ? ($10.00)
• Herbal Garden ($20.00)

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