January 14, 2013

0468 NETHERLANDS (Netherlands / Overijssel) - Staphorst traditional clothes and the crocheted wheel protectors

Located in the province Overijssel (that means "Lands across the river Issel"), the villages Staphorst and Rouveen were founded in the 13th century, when monks started to bring the swamps into culture. All the farms were built (in the traditional Low Saxon style, with green doors and window shutters) along the long road through the bog area, forming the 10 kilometres long village of Staphorst-Rouveen, phenomenon called in Dutch lintbebouwing (ribbon urbanization).

Staphorst is known as one of the few Dutch towns that live by very religious rules, and, as any community of this type, preserves better its traditions. Thus, according to a statistic of the local museum, in 2012 about 500 women wore daily the traditional costume, the youngest of them being 41 years old. Their costumes, mainly in dark blue and black, have a sober look and shows the level of mourning that the person is in (red - no mourning, blue - light mourning, black - heavy mourning, white - the deepest mourning), but some of the accessories are very cheerful and colorful.

They also have a unique decoration for their bikes - crocheted wheel protectors in a variety of beautiful colours and designs. On the website of the local Farm Museum you can find a description of how to crochet a clothes protector for your bike (only in Dutch), and also many interesting details about the costume and the social semnification of the accessories (including, for example, the size of some silver accessories, showing the owner's social position).

But don't misunderstand, the women from Staphorst make their own outfits and use both contemporary and traditional materials. "They are not walking monuments, who wear the same thing as their mothers and grandmothers did. Changes are even made in the traditional designs," said the museum spokesman.

About the stamps

From 1974 the designs of Europa Stamps reflect a common theme. There was a single exception, 1984, when was the CEPT 25th Anniversary (1959-1984). In that year the idea of the common theme was replaced by the idea of a common design, a symbolic bridge, which represent Liaison, Exchange and Communication. Wilma used for this postcard the both stamps issued then by Netherlands, with the values of 50c and 70c.

About the last stamp, depicting a bird, I didn't managed to find anything.

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sender: Wilma van Vegten (direct swap)
sent from Leiden (Netherlands), on 09.09.2012
photo: Henk van der Leeden

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