January 14, 2013

0467 CHINA (Macau) - Macau Tower and Sai Van Bridge

After two postcards with historical sights in Macau (Ruins of St. Paul's and the Senate Square), behold now one which shows the modern image of the city, namely Sai Van Bridge (Ponte de Sai Van) and Macau Tower (Torre de Macau). The bridge, the third one which connects Taipa Island and Macau Peninsula, is a cable-stayed bridge and measures 2.2 kilometers long. Inaugurated in 2004, it features a double-deck design, with an enclosed lower deck to be used in the event of strong typhoons when the other two bridges , namely Ponte Governador Nobre de Carvalho and Ponte de Amizade, are closed.

The complete name of Macau Tower is Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre and it is used mainly for entertainment, but also for telecommunications and broadcasting. Actually the way in which it came to be built say all about its purpose. On a visit to Auckland (New Zealand), Macau casino billionaire Stanley Ho Hung-Sun was so impressed by the Sky Tower, that he commissioned a similar one to be built in his town home. Said and done. The tower was designed by Beca Group and Gordon Moller of Craig Craig Moller architects, and built between 1998 and 2001.

About the stamps
To the left and to the bottom are two ATM label World Heritage edition 2009 (reprint of the edition issued on July 31, 2008) available on both Klussendorf and Nalger machine.

The stamp with the hexagonal shape is the second that I have from the eighth series of I Ching, Pa Kua, about which I wrote here.

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  1. Bela e longínqua Macau (para nós), onde se fala o português também!